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CameraMator: Wireless Tethered Photography

August 29, 2012

Move your photo sessions beyond the viewfinder to images that jump onto your iPad screen — while you shoot!

Instantly preview images on your iPad — no cables to get in your way. Share your work and collaborate with remote colleagues through the cloud.

With CameraMator you will have a faster, more creative photo shoot that gets client buy-in before you wrap the session. You’ll save time and avoid potentially expensive re-takes, letting you put your focus on the finished product.

“CameraMator is a very well-designed product.  I was able to walk around my studio with the iPad in my hand, making adjustments as I worked. What’s great is that even without a WiFi router, the iPad and my Mac worked with each other.  The speed of the image transfer from my camera to my iPad was impressive. It saved me so much time.  And the pinch-to-zoom operation was very smooth and useful.  Overall this is an amazing piece of technology that will become a permanent part of my studio from now on.”

— Linus of Inimitable Photography
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